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Robbie Fitzwater // Founder

Robbie has been working in digital marketing since 2008. And after years of success in the social media space, in 2018, he left to lead marketing at a prominent e-commerce merchant. 

While getting their marketing house in order, he built an email system that took monthly email revenue from $20K per month to over $200K per month within six months by implementing some of the same audience-building principles used in social media and content marketing. It felt like social media but without the constant battle with Facebook or Instagram for eyeballs. By using content and automations, we created loyal repeat customers and drove some of the most profitable revenue for the business.

It got him thinking — there must be other groups with that same problem. They’ve heard that email can significantly impact their business, but they’ve never seen it work that way that way for them.

Robbie helps businesses build out email marketing ecosystems focused on optimizing their customer journey. His goal is to help them build out and optimize their email ecosystem while working with them to make it their own, training their team to think differently about retention. From there, he works with brands to strategically build a framework to create more great customer experiences at scale. Those experiences lead to more new customers and increased customer lifetime value. 

Robbie also teaches digital marketing and social media strategy as part of the Clemson MBA program.


Jesse Godfrey // Creative Lead

Jesse is a creative Swiss Army knife. He thrives in opportunities to try new things and push boundaries. He specializes in digital content, bringing a sharp visual design sense rooted in sound typography and design principles to every project. He channels this creative energy in the email space by pushing the boundaries of what is possible with email content while establishing well-branded, flexible design systems. Jesse is a Clemson University alumnus and has spent time agency-side with Leo Burnett and in-house with Clemson University. He also teaches a class on Visual Design and Art Direction at Clemson.  He is equal parts Star Wars nerd and Clemson Football fan.

Edvina Nesukaityte // Strategist

Edvina is new to the marketing world, but her curiosity and competitiveness add a fresh and creative perspective to building unique emails and email strategies. She is passionate about marketing and email strategy, analytics, insights, and project management. And she channels all of them in the innovative and strategic mindset she brings into everything she does. Originally from Lithuania, Edvina is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida and Clemson University. She is also a former D1 athlete and a sports addict. She brings the same passion and intensity, and commitment to the process of helping clients grow that she does to rowing. Getting up every morning before the sun comes up to push herself farther than 99.9999% of people isn’t for everyone, but it's where growth happens and where she thrives!

Carese Brown // Content Strategist

Coming from Philadelphia, PA, Carese is a senior management major at Clemson University. Since arriving at Clemson, he has found himself interested in communicating and understanding the decisions we make as people. Carese has prided himself in having diverse experiences and wanting to continue to learn. Serving as Team Leader/Orientation Ambassador and the President of the Wilbur O. and Powers College of Business Recruitment Ambassadors program, they have helped him grow and learn about various topics. With prior experience in content work, Carese is looking forward to this new journey. He has the drive and dedication to pursue any new challenge, and email marketing is the next target.

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