Innovation of Email Marketing

Email marketing trends have grown a lot over the years, and the best is yet to come. So, in this blog, I’ve shared all you need to know to be ahead of your competitors.

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Email marketing, a concept that started around 40 years ago, is still one of the most popular ones among other marketing means. It has proved to be a helpful tool for businesses over the years and continues to generate innovative ideas for marketing.   

In this blog, I’m going to talk about these new email marketing trends and how you can use them to improve your email sending, and we will also discuss the future of email marketing and where it is headed.  

  1. Why The Sudden Growth In Email Marketing?
    1. Customizable And Targeted Messages
    2. Audience’s Behavior 
    3. The Switch In Viewing Options
  2. How Can Firms Continue To Improve Their Email Marketing?
    1. Have A Strategy 
    2. Optimization For Mobile 
    3. Personalization
      1. Segmentation and Specific Products
    4. Social Proofing
    5. Quality Over Quantity
  3. Where Is Email Marketing Headed?
  4. Takeaways

Why The Sudden Growth In Email Marketing?

The innovation of email marketing has resulted from many changes in the business world over the past few years and the many perks it provides to customers, so let’s talk about those. 

Customizable And Targeted Messages

Email marketing isn’t only about you and your brand; a good marketer always keeps a check on what their customer might want and try to send them content that will be helpful and relevant to them. 

Through email marketing, businesses can send customizable and targeted messages to their audiences, making their experience more unique and valuable. 

Audience’s Behavior 

Over time, there has been a massive change in customer behavior and demands. They like to see things in a certain way. 

Different customers respond to different kinds of emails differently. So it is a marketer’s responsibility to serve them stuff they like. 

For example, some people like to see images in their emails. Suppose it’s a promotional email for a new product. They might like to see the pictures of the products, or if it’s just an informative article, some relatable pictures might make their experience livelier. 

According to HubSpot, about 65% of people like to see images in their emails. So being able to make your email interactive and personalized helps.

But some people like emails with only text in them. They might find pictures annoying and may not even open them. So knowing how your audience behaves is a crucial thing.  

The Switch In Viewing Options

There has also been a switch from computers to mobile devices for viewing emails and messages in the past few years. This means that now, approaching the audience has become a more efficient and intimate task. So you have to be alert about the changing email marketing trends.

This also means you’ll have to ensure mobile optimization for your site. Most people now view their emails and notifications on their mobiles wherever and whenever they want, unlike what they can do on PCs, which means they’ll be viewing your site on mobiles most of the time. Therefore, your site must be optimized and easy to use for the audience. 

Having that viewing option pretty much changed, and with the audience more active than they were in the past and their mindsets also changing, this all plays a huge part in growing email marketing. It’s going to continue to skyrocket.

It’s also crucial to keep an open mind that as people continue to get smarter, they will try and experiment with different things in this field, and there will be more developments in the future.

How Can Firms Continue To Improve Their Email Marketing?

In this competitive economic era, it is essential that you play your A-game while sending emails to your audience. So here are some of our most successful email marketing tips you can use to up your email marketing game. 

Have A Strategy 

It is crucial that, as a business, you have a direction and a sense of what you want to do. It will cost your business a lot if you don’t know where it is going and what you will do in the coming months. 

So you must have a strategy and a plan on how you will communicate through emails. Having a strategy and having everything set for your audience beforehand is crucial, too, because audiences can tell when something is just not working right behind the scenes. 

For example, if you send one thing at the beginning of the week and then send something on a completely different spectrum later that week, or you send it very inconsistently throughout the month, the audience will know that you’re not organized at all.

So having a strategy and being organized is the first part of what companies can do to improve their email marketing. In general, your company needs to have its strategy set to know where you can grow and use your customers to help you spark that growth. 

Optimization For Mobile 

As we discussed earlier, optimizing for mobile is also one of the most helpful email marketing tips. 

With changing times and innovative marketing, people now don’t always look for their messages on their laptops, desktop, or a PC. They now prefer to have quicker access to these things through mobiles. This means this new-era audience has many options for viewing their emails.

So you have to cater to these changes and set your strategies according to these viewing options. You must optimize your site for mobile, using different text and image sizes.


Next, personalization can make the emailing experience more valuable for your audience. And you can do that in different ways. 

Segmentation and Specific Products

Segmenting your audience can be an easy way to understand the likes and dislikes of the customers. You will have an efficient way of figuring out what to send to whom. 

For example, if you have a tea-loving segment, it would be easier to direct the tea content to that segment. That means you’re sending specific products to specific groups. So if this particular group is a tea lover, if they see anything about juices or coffee, they’re not going to pay too much attention to that content. They wouldn’t want to know that type of content in their emails. 

Example of innovation in email marketing

Segmenting and sending specific content or product would improve the quality of your sending and ensure a response from the audience. They’ll engage with your content as it would be according to their likes and dislikes.    

Social Proofing

Social proofing can also be another successful way of personalization in email marketing. For instance, posting reviews on your products from your audiences will help you attract more. It would be even better and more effective if the reviews were from a celebrity or public figure with a big following. 

Word of mouth is hugely important because others’ experiences and suggestions influence their buying decision. And especially when a public figure is talking about that product, people as their followers are influenced to try it. 

So you could pit these reviews into your emails and have your other customers read those. You can add subject lines like, “here’s from other tea drinkers,” or “Find out what our favorite actor has to say about our…,” showing them what these people love and why they love your product. 

Social proofing can be done by posting and sending user-generated content also. So having that content that you can throw right to your emails or having those reviews, in the form of images or videos, from your audience will play a massive part in improving your email marketing. 

Example of innovation in email marketing

Quality Over Quantity

The next and last thing you need to be careful about is the quality over quantity issue in email marketing.

You may have heard this in many other places, but with email marketing, it is essential that you take care of the quality of the emails.

You can send a good number of emails, an email a day or a consistent number every week, and so on, but if they’re not quality emails, it’s not going to play a good part in your open rate or your click rate.

So having quality emails and effective emails in terms of personalization and even just the design factor will play an essential part in improving your emails. This is because people want to see something that looks nice, cohesive, and well-structured.

Besides that, try to keep everything simple and don’t try too hard or overdo anything. The simpler the things are, the more accessible it is for the audience to view your page. 

So, all in all, that’s what companies do to continue to improve their email marketing—starting from having a strategy, which is not very easy to come up with, then optimizing for mobile and trying personalization in all different facets—with all this, also taking care of the quality in terms of your emails especially when it comes to design. 

Once you take care of these things, it would be safe to say that you’ll see fruitful results in your business.   

Where Is Email Marketing Headed?

The last thing to discuss here is the future of email marketing and the question of where it is headed. 

We have many different pieces of research on this one. With time we’re going to see further growth in this field, which will improve, as evident through various analytics and stats. 

But for an individual business, it comes down to your audience and the type of business you are in. Things will be different for each company because every company has different kinds of audiences. And due to that, you also have other customer stats and analytics. 

The type of audience you have decides your business’s trajectory. How you continue to grow will depend on how different things would work for you. You will do lots of A/B testing with your emails and try to understand what works best for your audience.

What one person likes may not work with another person, so you will have to continue to diversify what you send, and that’s where these testing will help you. They allow you to figure out where your email marketing journey is headed by looking at your open rate, click rate, and response on your SMS messages if you have that as well. 

So you must continue to diversify and use that AB testing to stay updated on your email marketing success. And so, you have to do many different things and continue to find ways to grow and figure out what the future of email marketing will be like for your company.


So to conclude everything, we talked about many different things here. The main thing while talking about the innovation of email marketing is the audience, how it is changing, and how it is diverse in different businesses. 

As the audience has grown for email marketing, email marketing trends have also started changing. Due to quick access to emails through mobiles and hand devices, it has become easier and more effective for businesses to reach out to their audience and customer base.

So with the audience growing and changing, we listed some ways in which firms can continue to improve their email marketing—starting with having a strategy, optimizing for mobile, and personalizing the emails. And further diving into personalization, we talked about segmentation or specific product recommendations, social proofing, and user-generated content.

We talked about keeping things simple and focusing on quality over quantity so that the audience gets what they like.  The main thing here is realizing that different firms and different companies vary from each other. So you have to be able to analyze and piece apart what your audience and your customers like because that will help you grow in the future of email marketing.

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