Just like your business, email is never "done." And no one knows your business


So that’s why we want to work with you to build out your email ecosystem without putting all the pressure on you. No one cares as passionately about your customers, or could grow your business the way that you can. So we harness that passion and help you bring it to life in way that scales with your business.

We create a plan that aligns with your growth goals to drive profitable revenue in the short and long term without leaning on discounting to bring people back in the door. 

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Analyze & Audit

Audience Analysis

We dive into your analytics to get a better understanding of your business — Not just your email/SMS, but your entire marketing ecosystem. We aim to understand your customer-base and what makes you different relative to competition in your market.

Primary Segmentation

We work to understand your customer segments and what makes them unique. Then we unpack what behaviors we want to drive to generate revenue, where they fit into your customer lifecycle, and how we will create them.

Audience Building

We survey current customers and connect with some of your very best ones to understand what their pain points are and where your brand is currently positioned in the market.



Design System Build

We study your brand at the cellular level to ensure your visual brand identity and tone of voice are captured design. Working in collaboration with you, we build out assets and components into a full design system that is flexible and scalable.

Flow Mapping

We build baseline flows and a roadmap for additional in the coming months: These include onboarding emails, behavior-triggered emails, segmented email sequences, pre- and post-event emails, retention sequences, or emails to cancelled customers and more.

Campaign Strategy/Planning

We develop a framework for building a cadence of consistent campaign sends, as well as messaging, segments, and content planning templates that all tie directly back to your high-level business objectives.


Build (the exciting part)

Go Live / Testing

This is where we bring everything to life, introducing and testing your new email automation flows and improving on them on a month-by-month basis. We run A/B tests on everything to zero in on winning strategies.

Campaign Scaling

We clean up and start warming your lists so we can make sure we are not hitting the spam folder. Then we work toward cadence of cohesive emails that include value-add content, product features, highlights and promotions.


We walk you and your team through the process so you will know how to run and operate the system, recognize opportunities and help move the strategy forward, planning months and quarters ahead of time so we can maximize opportunities and build sales peaks into your year.

The Details


Get to you and your business. Audit your data, research your audiences, design email templates & email capture and build out email strategy and roadmap for automations.


Build out your baseline automations, set 'em live and start building and warming your audience.


Introduce new, test and refine automations, begin building out a content calendar and campaign email process. While testing and refining over time.


Continuing the process of introducing new automations and building your audience. while creating a rhythm of campaign emails or coaching your team to create that rhythm. This one-two punch of email automations and campaigns is how we maximize your LTV and drive up AOV.


Frequently asked questions.

Let us help answer the most common questions you might have.


Do we have to create the emails on our own?

We help clients with the creation of high-performing emails and we also help coach clients to create them on their own. Either way we keep your strategy moving forward and keep your customers coming back again and again.


What if we don’t have any content and don't have anyone to create content?

We can hold your hand and build a process that works for you. Planning a content calendar, streamlining the content creation process, creating it, then getting it distributed to your audience.


How long will it take me to see results?

We focus on your profitable opportunities first, in terms of automations and campaigns. We typically see large improvements in the first two months that continue to increase and compound from there!


How do contracts work?

Most of our partners are on a monthly retainer, but we give everyone the option to adjust and change at any time. It gives you more flexibility, but once you start making a LOT more money, you won’t want to leave. 


What if I don’t have a designer?

We do, and they are really good. Plus, some of your emails may just require copy (yes, text emails kill it) so no design needed.


What if I don't know what to send?

You are an expert in your customers and your business, this is where we discuss opportunities and get creative about bringing them to life.

We know how to bring your business to life in a way that adds value and engages your customers. We build a system that takes the guesswork out of things, then we test and experiment to make sure it works. 


How do I connect this with my other systems?

We do everything with a holistic mindset. From day one, we are thinking about how this will impact the rest of your marketing efforts and how to align your systems and processes better. Our goal is to align the customer experience as best as possible to keep them coming back!


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