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Retention Strategy + Management

We always joke that "email marketing is like drinking in high school. Everyone is doing it, but very few really know what they are doing". We help our clients be part of those few who really know what they are doing.
We take a deep dive into your business, industry, and customers. Then we create a strategy for long-term growth and a roadmap to get there.
We build out a three-pillar email marketing ecosystem that builds your audience, automates lifecycle messaging, and consistently engages that audience.

Audience Building:
We help you build your email list like you do your Insta audience, except you don't battle an algorithm to reach them. They are three steps closer to the cash register. We turn visitors into subscribers and collect valuable data along the way.

We build a rhythm of value-added and segmented emails that build trust, engage your audience, turn prospects into customers, and retains customers. We may even create original content for your blog to make sure we have a reason to communicate.

We start with a foundation of 6 automations and continue building from there, releasing new automations and optimizing existing them month after month. These

We can do this as a supplement to your existing team or do it for you. Either way, knowing your email house is in order, and a lot more revenue will have you sleeping like a baby at night!

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Foundational Email Automations

You know you need to create email automations (flows), but you don't know where to start... This is where we expedite the process for you and build out the six highest revenue-generating automations.

These set you up with a foundation to grow, and each will scale up as your store grows. No more guesswork about where to start. We help you find the biggest wins early so you can stop leaving money on the table.

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Marketing Strategy

I am a strategist at my core, and I believe all good marketing comes down to knowing how you want to grow and build a strategy around it. I am a big believer that growth really stems from three key areas. Increasing your number of customers, increasing your average order value, and increasing your customer lifetime value. If you double any one of those, you double your business. I focus on building systems that strategically move the needle by focusing on those three and where your business has the most opportunity (Hint: Everybody forgets #2 + #3) I analyze your past marketing performance across channels, dive into your competition, and understand what constraints you have. Then then I help you design a marketing system that will maximize your outcomes while minimizing your effort.

Then I help your team operate inside that system by coaching them in different areas to drive focused results. When they feel like experts, they will thrive and help drive the right results for your business.

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Want more confidence and higher ROI from your team?  So do I! I love it so much that my "other job" is teaching it in MBA and Executive MBA programs. I lead custom workshops that help eCommerce teams and agencies grow internally, so they can level up their performance and scale results. Your team will leave knowing how to build and operate an eCommerce email & SMS ecosystem that supports your business goals.
We have a few specialized trainings that focus on:
1. Marketing/Retention Strategy - a two-day intensive workshop that creates a foundation for strategy and a roadmap to bring it to life.
2. Ecommerce Email Automations – A one-day deep dive to reverse engineer your customer lifecycle and plan automations that add value at each stage for each segment.
3. Campaign & Content Strategy – A one-day intensive where we walk you through the process to plan, create, distribute and refine your content so that it actually drives business results.

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