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Hey there, we're MKTGRhythm.

We use email & SMS to help DTC e-commerce businesses grow through retention marketing and convert new customers.

We help our clients:

Maximize customer lifetime value by creating email & SMS automations that align with their customer lifecycle

Grow revenue by designing and introducing new automations

Design and build an email ecosystem that adds value through content, differentiates the business, and makes them less dependent on discounting to bring people back

Through coaching, to operationalize email and content internally

We understand the challenges e-commerce businesses face because I’ve led marketing teams at 8-figure e-commerce organizations. We know what works best, and even better, how to make it happen for you. Our clients typically go from an average of 5% of revenue generated from email to 30-40% within a 6-month period.

Retention Strategy + Managment

We help you build out a three-pillar retention ecosystem built around audience building, campaigns and automations. We can supplement your team or do it for you.


Want to build your team’s expertise? We build custom workshops to get your team up and running on retention strategy, email and content marketing.

Marketing Strategy + Consulting

We help businesses get their digital marketing house in order to make sure they are growing the right way. Helping you identify & maximize opportunities and find creative solutions to your biggest marketing problems.

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